“”However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”-George Washington

The Political Nonsense Project

The purpose of this project is to catalog and expose hypocrisy, corruption, lies, and evil on all levels of government.

Wasteful, Corrupt, and Divided

The government wastes our money in countless ways, the entirety of which is unrealized. If we continue this type of spending and the amount of debt we are taking on, we will eventually collapse.Lots of this money is wasted on things not needed, or over paying for the things we do need. The rest is diverted, misallocated, stolen, and used in back room power plays we never hear about for things we never benefit from. Given away to companies deemed "too big to fail" while small businesses across the country face shutdowns and permanent closure.Meanwhile Congress members and their families back on Capital Hill are making a killing on wall street from insider trading.In 2019, transparency international stated that the united states is “experiencing threats to its system of checks and balances”, along with an “erosion of ethical norms at the highest levels of power”.Lobbying, insider trading, election interference, hypocrisy, financing…
Its all one big club, and we are certainly not in it.
We need to change that.
Party leadership and key figures have done nothing but further the divide between their respective constituents. No civil discussion or middle ground to be found anymore. Leaders go and sit on their phone until it's their turn to grandstand what ever the hot topic of the day is.They act smug and disingenuous towards their counterparts from across the aisle. Countless cycles of inconsistency and hypocrisy fueling the flames, standing on capital hill pointing their fingers and placing blame on each other like school children. They cause more problems than they ever solve.Meanwhile they go back to their fancy homes while the American people continue to suffer, continue to become more divided, and hostile towards each other.And they laugh about it on tv. All of them.
Something needs to change.

DescriptionMoney Wasted
A 45 Million Camera Surveillance System Codenamed "Project Shield" Failed Because it wasn't Built to Withstand Chicago's Harsh Weather: The $45-million Cook County Homeland Security initiative was supposed to make residents feel safe, but in the end, the troubled Project Shield resembled more of a disaster. The Cook County initiative was replete with equipment that failed to work because of weather conditions, missing equipment records and untrained first responders, according to a report by the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.$45,000,000
Suspend acquisition of federal office space: Each year the federal government spends money to acquire hundreds of thousands of feet of new office space while at the same time paying to maintain vacant office buildings.$1,000,000,000

The Great Co-Opt

The majority of political parties, institutions, government agencies, mainstream media, celebrities, influencers, activist groups, missions, messages, and movements, along with words and terminology, have all been co-opted by nefarious wicked people looking to exploit these things for personal gain. They purposely target susceptible people.

Our government squanders our resources, lacks integrity, and breeds division. They show no concern for our suffering or the well-being of our nation. We must demand change and unite to build a better future. Let us rise above their folly and strive for a just and virtuous society. Together, we can overcome the challenges and create a path of resilience and unity. The power to change is within us, and we shall not be swayed by their games. We are the architects of our destiny, and through wisdom and virtue, we shall forge a new path forward.